Is Google developing a phone after all?

thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Fri Nov 9 16:07:32 CET 2007

>> 1) I think Google IS developing their own phone after all
>> 2) I think that phone will be based on the Qualcomm MSM7K
>> 3) I think Android will be using Kastor as a rendering engine
>> 4) If so, Android will look a lot like the Kastor demos on tat's
>> website. (e.g.
>It's probably a reference platform and one for developers. A bare
minimum >specification.

It can't be the bare minimum as they've already said the minimum is an
ARM9 and that Qualcomm is an ARM11. Plus, why port to a new platform
when there are plenty of development kits for ARM9 (and event ARM11
these days) which support Linux out of the box. They could have used a
Gumstix. They didn't, they ported Linux to a completely new family of
SoC - no simple task. Just ask the OpenMoko Kernel developers! :-)

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