FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

Doug Sutherland doug at
Fri Nov 9 16:49:36 CET 2007

> He is talking about receiver chips, like those used in
> SonyEricsson/Nokia cellphones, to provide the phone owner with FM
> radio reception.  Not to transmit say, music, to a radio.

Well I mentioned both, and they are separate chips.
There is plain FM, FM with RDS/RBDS, AM/FM
and also FM transmitters and receivers available 
from Silicon Labs. 

I have FM radio on my phone now and don't use
it very much, it's definitely not a show stopper, in 
fact for Neo even GPS is not a requirement for me,
main concern is the quad band (future, sorry for 
all my whining), good quality audio (wolfson is 
very good choice), and the WIFI sounds great.
Bluetooth makes sense.

Camera, GPS, and other add-ons not needed,
for me anyways, I don't expect this device to be
the only one. 

  -- Doug

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