Is Google developing a phone after all?

Marcin Juszkiewicz openembedded at
Fri Nov 9 17:45:53 CET 2007

Dnia piątek, 9 listopada 2007, thomas.cooksey at napisał:

> announcing the public git tree for the Qualcomm MSM7K.

> This could just be the platform the android guys have been using for
> development. However, why would they go to all the trouble of porting
> Linux to a new SoC when there are many other already supported SoCs
> they could have used to develop on? I think this could be evidence that
> Google IS developing their own phone after all, one which will run
> Android.

They want atleast UMTS in phone and Qualcomm is one of vendors which has 
own UMTS implementation. And probably it allows to use one chip as main 
CPU and as baseband CPU.

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