i'm going to lose my neo....

Mike Hodson mystica at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 19:45:13 CET 2007

On Nov 9, 2007 9:38 AM, AVee <openmoko-comunity at avee.org> wrote:

> Which will only work when the thief is friendly enough to turn the phone on
> with the same sim-card installed, otherwise, what number would you text to?
> I'm guessing most GSM thiefs are smart enough to remove the SIM first.

You don't know the common street person. Atleast here in the USA where
GSM is a bit of a nonstandard. I worked at Radio Shack for 4 years,
and the majority of the customerbase I sold them to really had no clue
about how gsm worked or what the card was for.

Some enterprising people might, but thats covered by the next bit

> This does lead to another intresting angle, you could make the phone send it's
> location when the SIM card is changed. I doubt you will drain the battery
> very fast when you only send a location every 10 minutes or so. That should
> not make a huge difference on battery consumption, but be enough to retrieve
> it.
Now this is a great idea. Have it automatically go into stolen mode if
the sim changes.  I honestly didn't think about that one.


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