FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

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My original plan was to design a generic add-on board for
embedded single board computers that includes an audio
codec, FM tuner, and optional text-to-speech. I still have
that plan but may make several variants on this, I have lots
of interest in mobile audio beyond what is available today.
TI has chips that can convert USB audio (driverless on
host) to I2S and/or S/PDIF, which would allow for some
really interesting possibilities in supporting different kinds
of codecs, DACs, ADCs, DSPs, faders etc.

Is it only the FM tuner you are interested in? Do you
have skills with Eagle CAD? I have surface mount
reflow oven and can solder any part easily. I also have
Eagle commercial version but at the moment do not have
a lot of time. If you want to work with me on schematics
and CAD design for starters that would be cool.

Look at the TI PCM29xx USB audio codecs, this is a
way to interface via USB to other audio devices. It is
also interesting that Neo uses WM8753, as I have been
wanting to work with this part for a long time, since it
has dual audio codecs voice and hifi. The TI TAS3103
also looks pretty interesting.

I have some SI4701 FM tuner chips here already,
have their USB FM radio stick which is really a demo
of the chipset, and have collected lots of info on these.
I also have sample WM8753, will be getting more,
and development boards for both of these chips

   -- Doug

Doug Sutherland
Proficio Research

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> Daniel Gustafsson wrote:
> >
> >
> > Implementing an FM sender would however make the Neo hard to sell on
> > markets where personal FM transmitters are illegal (however weak the
> > signal is) such as Sweden. At least it was still illegal when I was
> > living there.
> >
> > cheers ./daniel
> >
> ahm - we're talking about home-made extensions, not about a new
> hardware-revision for the Neo, as far as I understood that..
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