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Lorn Potter lpotter at
Fri Nov 9 20:16:42 CET 2007

John Locke wrote:
> Hello,
> I was running Qtopia for 5 or 6 weeks, and under that, I was getting
> about 5 hours of time tops, whether I used the phone or not. The battery
> indicator has 5 bars, and after a good 4 hours, there would still be 3
> bars left (60%, or so you might think). But by that point, the power
> dropped very quickly and the phone would just shut off.
> I managed to flash OpenMoko on the Neo last weekend, even with my broken
> Aux button (had to take off the faceplate and carefully hold the contact
> in place, but managed to do it...). I just now got in after having it
> unplugged for 7 hours, and the battery still shows mostly full. I had
> set the power management to "Dim Only", and with that alone OpenMoko
> seems to be doing much better than Qtopia. I also notice that the phone
> is not so hot--Qtopia seems to have it running full power almost all the
> time.
> Other notes:
> Qtopia (Image from around October 7)

You might try the flash images available from Trolltech.

I just posted the 4.3.0 release image.

> * Phone seems to stop working after a few days, and needs to be
> rebooted. There's no indication when this has happened--you just can't
> make or receive calls anymore.

Haven't seen this one, but I admit, I am always flashing my neo. Will 
try to look into it though.

> * Rebooting didn't actually work--I nearly always had to remove the
> battery to reboot.

Try a more recent image.

> * There was a delay in audio switching, both on outgoing and incoming
> calls. I never heard the first few words people answered with--I had to
> start talking when I heard the audio switch, without knowing whether I
> had actually reached the right person. You never heard a remote line
> ring--the audio would switch after the call was answered, whether by a
> person or voicemail.

The later was fixed in later version.

> * SMS is beautiful, when the message arrives when the phone was on.
> * There's no voicemail indicator--but I received empty text messages
> when there was a new voicemail, and again after clearing the message.

Will look into this.

> * Phone numbers on the SIM card showed up in the address book.
> * You can't redial a number or pick a number out of the call history to
> dial (I think it assumes you have a hard button for that).

will look at this one, and submit a bug report.

> * Dialing a number in the address book works fine, though the button to
> do it is hard to press with a finger (most other things in Qtopia worked
> easily without the pen)
> * You get an echo sound at first, but can use alsamixer to turn down the
> sidetone and then the phone sounds perfectly normal.
> * No mediaplayer, feed reader, or all the other cool stuff that's in
> OpenMoko.
> * Keyboard auto-completes far too easily (and wrong most of the time)
> but the zoom keys are actually usable with fingers.
> * No terminal. Ugh.

Do you really need a terminal app on a phone?
Most phones do not have a term on them. besides, it is opensource, so 
anyone could get one working. Any takers?

> * GPRS doesn't work. Didn't get my bluetooth headset working, either.

This is because multiplexing doesn't work either. In Qtopia, GPRS works 
through the multiplex classes. We don't see a reason to shut off the 
voice channel to use it as a data channel, or somesuch as the comm guy 
told me.

Thanks for this, it is always useful to get more feedback.
Anyone else willing to give feedback it is welcomed. You can even send 
me an email off list.

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