FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Fri Nov 9 20:29:22 CET 2007

Doug Sutherland wrote:
> Georg,
> My original plan was to design a generic add-on board for
> embedded single board computers that includes an audio
> codec, FM tuner, and optional text-to-speech. I still have
> that plan but may make several variants on this, I have lots
> of interest in mobile audio beyond what is available today.
> TI has chips that can convert USB audio (driverless on
> host) to I2S and/or S/PDIF, which would allow for some
> really interesting possibilities in supporting different kinds
> of codecs, DACs, ADCs, DSPs, faders etc.
> Is it only the FM tuner you are interested in? Do you
> have skills with Eagle CAD? I have surface mount
> reflow oven and can solder any part easily. I also have
> Eagle commercial version but at the moment do not have
> a lot of time. If you want to work with me on schematics
> and CAD design for starters that would be cool.
> Look at the TI PCM29xx USB audio codecs, this is a
> way to interface via USB to other audio devices. It is
> also interesting that Neo uses WM8753, as I have been
> wanting to work with this part for a long time, since it
> has dual audio codecs voice and hifi. The TI TAS3103
> also looks pretty interesting.
> I have some SI4701 FM tuner chips here already,
> have their USB FM radio stick which is really a demo
> of the chipset, and have collected lots of info on these.
> I also have sample WM8753, will be getting more,
> and development boards for both of these chips
> eventually.
>    -- Doug
> Doug Sutherland
> Proficio Research

my skills concerning all that are very limited, because I've got no 
education going deep enough into electronics - just wanted to mention 
that in the beginning. Nevertheless I'm very interested to learn some 
things. I already can handle eagle and I'm able to understand some 
smaller circuits, but I'm just a beginner!
My primary interest is in a FM transmitter and receiver (but your 
proposal doesn't sound bad, in the contrary). I already spoke to a 
friend of mine who's a lot more qualified to realise that than me, who's 
interested in building that too. (and who eventually may help)

At the moment I'm quite occupied with the preparations for a big examen 
end of November but after this one I should have more time to get an 
insight into the codecs and chips you mentioned and maybe even 
contribute some assistance as far as possible.

. Georg

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