FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Fri Nov 9 21:40:52 CET 2007

Doug Sutherland wrote:
> Georg,
> The amazing thing about these Silicon Labs parts is that they require
> almost no external components. For example the SI470x FM tuners
> require a crystal and regulator, that is all, they can use headphone 
> cable as antenna (as is done in most phones now), and they have 
> stereo analog output and SPI interface for control and for getting 
> the RDS/RDBS station identification and song info as text. Those
> analog outputs could feed right into a TI PCM2900 and then 
> you have a driverless USB audio FM tuner. Without access to 
> SPI though a small microcontroller would be required. Could be
> done with a $2 ARM7 or Cortex-M3.
> I haven't looked too closely at the FM transmitters or receivers
> yet, but I'll take a look and see what kind of external components
> are required. So you're not even interested in FM tuner, just FM
> transmitters and receivers? 
> BTW I also have hardware based text-to-speech chips here 
> that work really well and also require few components, they 
> are UART input and analog and/or digital audio output, I have
> already made one full speech synth for someone using them 
> and have several more chipsets here.
> I am actually more interested in speech based interfaces to 
> phones and PDAs than the fancy GUIs, might be interesting
> to bolt one onto a Neo at some point. My phone should 
> READ web pages and email to me and whisper in my ear.
>   -- Doug
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I'm interested in a FM transmitter in order to for example listen to my 
music on my car's radio. A receiver (tuner?) would be nice in order to 
listen to radio on the phone.  Well I think I mixed up "receiver" and 
"tuner" as I'm not native english-speaking.. So if I've understood right 
a receiver already plays the music on the radio, while a tuner passes 
the data to another device (in this case the phone?) .. Then what I want 
is a FM transmitter and a tuner :)

What you've mentioned that far sounds interesting, but you're talking 
about USB.. Are there some internal usb-ports on the Neo or how are you 
planning to add this extension to it? By plugging it into the external 

Your voice-to-text and voice-to-input project sound interesting too but 
my primary interest for the moment concerns the FM transmitter/tuner 

. Georg

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