i'm going to lose my neo....

Tomi N/A hefest at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 23:36:21 CET 2007

> Now this is a great idea. Have it automatically go into stolen mode if
> the sim changes.  I honestly didn't think about that one.

Here's an idea.
Let's say that the phone keeps a complete history of it's movement in
space and time (or spacetime, if you like).
Let's say we set it to check it's position every minute or so (is this
viable, with respect to the battery capacity)?
Let's say we set it it to send it's position on every significant
change of direction (i.e. taking a turn), but only when it moves to
coordinates it hasn't moved to before.
This data push might be in batch to conserve power/bandwidth, sending
info every 20 minutes or so. This seems wasteful (battery-wise), but I
suspect a great many people travel the same 200 km 99% of the time so
the phone would simply not send anything most of the time.

While you're using your phone, you're building something that could
become an openstreetmap map of your movements which is very
commendable. Good for you! :)
When you're phone is stolen - and the above behavior is made
SIM-independent - you get regular tips on where your phone is and how
it got there.
The only thing a thief could do is sabotage/overwrite the program...or
to keep moving. :)

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