i'm going to lose my neo....

AVee openmoko-comunity at avee.org
Sat Nov 10 00:45:47 CET 2007

On Friday 09 November 2007 21:24, Ian Darwin wrote:
> > Now this is a great idea. Have it automatically go into stolen mode if
> > the sim changes.  I honestly didn't think about that one.
> But this obviously can't become part of the base system; it's a bad idea
> for many people.  I (and many others I know) legitimately switch SIMs
> several times a year (when travelling to Europe), and don't need to be
> worried about false alarms.

Well, it should provide some way of switching sim-cards anyway and even I 
wouldn't want to see it enabled by default. But when that is covered, I don't 
know why it couldn't be a part of the base system. It this kind of stuff 
which sets OpenMoko apart from an 'normal' smartphone.
But I do agree there it should be handled properly, otherwise it will become 
useless in practice.


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