Qtopia flash image 11/9

Richard Reichenbacher richard5 at email.arizona.edu
Sat Nov 10 05:27:08 CET 2007

Richard Reichenbacher wrote:
> Lorn,
>   I just flashed over the latest image you uploaded.  Upon receiving a 
> call, the phone does not ring, I cannot hear the other person they 
> cannot hear me and the alarm clock doesn't ring.  Odd thing though is 
> that when I place a call I can be heard and they can hear me.  I'm 
> also curious what the state is with getting the gsmhandset.state file 
> working properly.  The feedback from the gsm antennae is still very 
> loud and noticeable.  Do you think this might be a hardware design 
> flaw from mic being located too close to the gsm antenna?
Actually it's odd.  All of a sudden with the last phone call I recieved 
the state switching seems to have fixed itself.  Everything from the 
alarm, phone calls and media player work fine.  I did have to restart 
qtopia a few times, maybe that did it.

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