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Doug Sutherland doug at
Sat Nov 10 22:43:56 CET 2007

For some idea on where 850 might be used, this Fido (Canada) 
USA roaming map shows 850 in a lighter color

And Fido (Canada) states this about 850

This map shows AT&T 1900, 850 and 3G on separate maps

In some areas it probably won't make a difference, in 
other areas it will. For example looking at Texas there
is much more coverage including 850 on AT&T.

This T-Mobile map shows 850 in light green

Back to Canada, this guy states 
I was advised by a Rogers network engineer that all new towers 
installed in Canada in the previous two years were 850 MHz for 
both capacity and coverage range reasons

And this other guy states
850 is the largest spectrum Rogers owns (currently) and has been 
setup on their network since day one to best cover all areas 
(since the analog and TDMA days)...

Anecdotal travel report doesn't really mean anything
unless we follow your same path. 

  -- Doug

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