OpenMoko phone comparisons

Peter Naulls peter at
Mon Nov 12 02:55:29 CET 2007

andy selby wrote:
>> Anyone willing to placate my concerns, or point out other phones that
>> meet my requirements (must fill _all_ the requirements I listed, so
>> please check carefully).
> Since your asking on the openmoko list I'd be surprised if anyone
> recommends anything but the neo1973

And yet some people are dissatisfied with its specifications and are
discussing other phones, so I can easily conclude that your (sic)
a troll.

>> As a final point, I'll note I'm a long (long)
>> time embedded and ARM linux developer, so don't mind doing occasional
>> work to improve either kernel or userspace stuff.
> Yes I can definatly recommend you buy a neo1973

That doesn't follow at all.  What is your justification here of the Neo
over the HTC Universal in this respect?

>> Also, if you're following up, please don't unnecessarily quote
>> signatures, taglines and bits you aren't responding to.
> O.K. I wont

Thanks, but also not snipping attribution lines would be appreciated.

If anyone has anything _constructive_ to reply with and isn't just 
replying for the sake of making noise, I'd like to hear it.   If not,
then please don't annoy others with pointless posts.

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