OpenMoko phone comparisons

Peter Naulls peter at
Mon Nov 12 06:39:52 CET 2007

Mike Hodson wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2007 6:55 PM, Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:
>> And yet some people are dissatisfied with its specifications and are
>> discussing other phones, so I can easily conclude that your (sic)
>> a troll.
> Yet by your condescending attitude you appear to be more troll-like than him.

Well deserved; I'm trying to have an intelligent conversation.  Was 
there any value to your content-free posts?  No.  Then you'd also
do well to say nothing instead of throwing around more accusations.

I seem to have confused this list with one where open and intelligent
discussion takes place regarding the merits or otherwise of OpenMoko
and its hardware targets.  Clearly you aren't interested in discussing

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