Richard Reichenbacher richard5 at email.arizona.edu
Mon Nov 12 18:35:07 CET 2007

Samuel Hiatt wrote:
> Hey all...
> I just got my neo1973 and I've been playing around with different
> rootfs flash images, including a few from the scardeycat repository.
> I still haven't been able to get Qtopia to work with sound by
> following the instructions on the wiki.
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of (or would be willing to make) a
> rootfs image for Qtopia that will allow me to get my neo up and
> running as a phone?
> Thanks.
> Sam

Go to the downloads section of qtopia.net and get the latest image from 
there.  You'll probably need to restart qtopia a few times to get it to 
work properly but it will. First time boot has some glitches.  Also, you 
don't need to follow the wiki to get sound working.  State changing is 
automatic now.

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