OpenMoko phone comparisons

Stroller linux.luser at
Mon Nov 12 12:46:42 CET 2007

On 11 Nov 2007, at 18:06, Giles Jones wrote:
> On 11 Nov 2007, at 17:33, Peter Naulls wrote:
>> For price comparison, the UTC is about $350 and Neo is $450.
> HTC Universal?
> If you want one of these get one, but OpenMoko is far from being as  
> reliable and complete as the Windows Mobile OS on it.

I had one of these (an O2 branded XDA IIi, I think) and it was TERRIBLE.

Mine would reboot for no reason - typically when I pressed the button  
to answer a call - and generally reminded me of Windows 95 in  
stability terms. A friend had an Orange-branded model and had noticed  
that he'd received few calls the last couple of days when someone  
managed to get him on his landline to say his mobile wasn't working -  
it turned out that, whilst the GUI and organiser functions were  
working fine, the phone software had crashed and required a reboot.

It'll be a long time before I again buy a device running Windows  
Mobile - I didn't realise that Linux work on this platform was so far  
advanced as to make it a realistic possibility - but one of my  
reasons for desiring a Neo (or an openMoko-compatible device,  
generally) is that I can be optimistic that if problems such as these  
arise then they will get fixed. For me, this is the joy of OSS.


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