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Ortwin Regel ortwin at
Mon Nov 12 23:01:30 CET 2007

Yeah, PLEASE give us a terminal! I'm a complete noob at all things Linux but
I already don't feel right if I don't have a terminal to mess with... Later
when the Neo is a consumer ready device it might be a good idea to take the
terminal out of the versions for the general public (or at least hide it
well). At this point, though, everybody using the Neo with Qtopia should be
interested in a terminal or at least not confused by it. ;)


On Nov 11, 2007 3:12 PM, Peter A Trotter <peter.trotter at> wrote:

> > * No terminal. Ugh.
> >
> > Do you really need a terminal app on a phone?
> > Most phones do not have a term on them. besides, it is opensource, so
> > anyone could get one working. Any takers?
> I guess most/all here are geeks. I have to admit that the first thing I
> want to know before buying a new smart phone is can I use a terminal/ssh on
> it. pocket putty was a blessing. But I hope much better things will come
> from this project. Maybe I will try to carve out some time in December...
> I'm guessing anyone into Linux is going to want this though :)
> -Pete
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