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On Nov 11, 2007 6:33 PM, Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:

> I have concerns about the screen size (even though it's 640x480,
> it's still tiny)

The screen is small but usable. The biggest problem I see is text input but
there are some interesting projects and ideas flying around to solve that.

and the ruggedness of the device

I can't say too much about that but it seems pretty solid to me. I read
about other people's buttons breaking and that sounds like a realistic issue
if you use them a lot. You should get some sort of protector foil for the
screen as the danger of damaging it is always big, especially with

My requirements are:  640x480 (for suitably transcoded movies),

>From my experience with devices, the GTA02 hardware should do that pretty
easily. I have not idea how long it will take until the necessary software
is written/ported, though.

> runs Linux

It obviously does that.

wireless access

 Do you mean WLAN? The GTA02 will have the hardware and probably the
software after a short while.

can make occasional phone calls.
The GTA01 already makes phone calls.

And a general note: Your tone is very agressive and demanding. This does
nothing but annoy people. I'd recommend you try to be more friendly and
tolerant of seemingly unnecessary comments and people will probably be more
friendly to you.

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