OpenMoko phone comparisons

justin daly justinhughdaly at
Tue Nov 13 00:40:14 CET 2007

careful mike, don't feed the trolls.

i hope we can all appreciate mr naulls and his brief foray down at the very
level of the perceived trollish abuse he experience: inflicting it back on a
respected and valued member of our community. hatred + hatred = ???.
hopefully this equation doesn't go exponential!

but after seeing the picture of his son, i hope he just had a bad day!

ickle baby naulls! :D

p.s., me, i like the june 12th blog post. sic: "A respectful culture - We
treat each other with respect"


On Nov 12, 2007 12:39 AM, Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:

> Mike Hodson wrote:
> > On Nov 11, 2007 6:55 PM, Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:
> >
> >> And yet some people are dissatisfied with its specifications and are
> >> discussing other phones, so I can easily conclude that your (sic)
> >> a troll.
> >
> > Yet by your condescending attitude you appear to be more troll-like than
> him.
> Well deserved; I'm trying to have an intelligent conversation.  Was
> there any value to your content-free posts?  No.  Then you'd also
> do well to say nothing instead of throwing around more accusations.
> I seem to have confused this list with one where open and intelligent
> discussion takes place regarding the merits or otherwise of OpenMoko
> and its hardware targets.  Clearly you aren't interested in discussing
> those.
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