OpenMoko phone comparisons

Peter Naulls peter at
Tue Nov 13 01:12:22 CET 2007

Ortwin Regel wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2007 6:33 PM, Peter Naulls <peter at 
> <mailto:peter at>> wrote:
>     I have concerns about the screen size (even though it's 640x480,
>     it's still tiny)
> The screen is small but usable. The biggest problem I see is text 
> input but there are some interesting projects and ideas flying around 
> to solve that.
How about in terms of viewing movies or graphics - is that sensible; the 
pixels are surely minuscule?

>     and the ruggedness of the device
> I can't say too much about that but it seems pretty solid to me. I 
> read about other people's buttons breaking and that sounds like a 
> realistic issue if you use them a lot. You should get some sort of 
> protector foil for the screen as the danger of damaging it is always 
> big, especially with touchscreens.
>     My requirements are:  640x480 (for suitably transcoded movies),
[snip broken up requirements]

Yes, I'm quite aware that the GTA02 meets these requirements, as does 
the UTC universal. 
I wouldn't have posted here after all and named those two phones 
The question is, do any _other_ phones also fall into this category?  Of 
course, I do want
to run OpenMoko, and will do the necessary work if really required to 
make it do so if
it already runs linux. 

> And a general note: Your tone is very agressive and demanding. This 
> does nothing but annoy people. I'd recommend you try to be more 
> friendly and tolerant of seemingly unnecessary comments and people 
> will probably be more friendly to you.
With respect, you seem to be a bit confused and your reasoning is 
backwards.  The initial responses I got were clearly trolls (by 
definition _they_ unfriendly and annoying people). I made an effort to 
be clear about what I was
asking and haven't demanded anything, and the first responders had made 
no effort to really read what I said.  Save your criticism for them. 

Unfortunately, it just looks like to outsiders that people are getting 
overly defensive it if looks like I
might be trying to criticize OpenMoko/Neo.  Let's try and restrict our 
opinions to what I'm really asked.

Thanks for your feedback.

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