OpenMoko phone comparisons

hank williams hank777 at
Tue Nov 13 02:17:12 CET 2007

> Yes, I'm quite aware that the GTA02 meets these requirements, as does
> the UTC universal.
> I wouldn't have posted here after all and named those two phones
> otherwise.
> The question is, do any _other_ phones also fall into this category?  Of
> course, I do want
> to run OpenMoko, and will do the necessary work if really required to
> make it do so if
> it already runs linux.
> >
> > And a general note: Your tone is very agressive and demanding. This
> > does nothing but annoy people. I'd recommend you try to be more
> > friendly and tolerant of seemingly unnecessary comments and people
> > will probably be more friendly to you.
> >
> >
> With respect, you seem to be a bit confused and your reasoning is
> backwards.  The initial responses I got were clearly trolls (by
> definition _they_ unfriendly and annoying people). I made an effort to
> be clear about what I was
> asking and haven't demanded anything, and the first responders had made
> no effort to really read what I said.  Save your criticism for them.
> Unfortunately, it just looks like to outsiders that people are getting
> overly defensive it if looks like I
> might be trying to criticize OpenMoko/Neo.  Let's try and restrict our
> opinions to what I'm really asked.
> No, Peter, honestly, you do sound really mean and super aggressive. I am
trying to say this in a way that does not further incite your testosterone,
but the fact that several people on this generally respectful list are
saying the same thing (and this doesn't come up often) should be an
indicator. I have no reason to say this other than that your tone is
distinctly different from the rest of the list. And by the way I am plenty
critical of openmoko re 850mhz. This has nothing to do with being defensive.
I am just calling it like I see it.

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