developing C/C++ applications for OpenMoko and Android

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at
Tue Nov 13 08:49:50 CET 2007

Also spracht Ted Lemon (Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:57:05 -0700):
> On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 14:39 -0600, William Voorhees wrote:
>> I hope they do it soon, I just downloaded the Android (google) SDK, and
>> I must say I'm rather impressed.
> The demos are great.   But it looks like it's heavily java-focused,
> which is a bummer

The really big problem I have with that is --

Google seems to have spent quite a bit of effort binding all the cool 
things like sqlite.  How can they have still missed the point?

By tying the whole thing to Java and "closing" native development, OHA 
are effectively shutting off all the body of existing C/C++ F/OS code out 
there.  Can I use Telepathy?  Well, if they have a Java implementation of 
D-Bus, then I can write my own implementation, it seems.  Can I use my 
favourite scripting language?  Only if there is a JVM-based 
implementation, it seems.  Can I use VOS?  Can I write a Crossfire 
client?  Only if you rewrite it from scratch in Java...

Sorry Google, that's not good enough.  I'll stick to my Moko.  Maybe I 
can even run it in one of the OHA handsets, who knows.

Now, Android wins on ease of development.  (And, in theory, deployment; 
which is kind of moot since there's nothing to deploy on, but in 
principle, it *would* be easy.)

And I think I have the answer on my computer.  I have the OpenMoko libs 
and daemons all compiled and installed; I can run my "hello world" with a 
relatively simple Makefile.  (There's even PackageConfig files!)

So what's keeping OM from just making source releases of all that stuff, 
so that we can package them for our fave distros and make OM development 
a breeze?

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