question on 850... and alternate hardware hack ideas

Joshua Layne joshua at
Tue Nov 13 16:45:21 CET 2007

So I am sure that this is a silly question and there is no way to send 
an AT command to set the TI GSM modem to use NA frequencies, but.... 
that is exactly the case with the telit modules (e.g. the GM862: -- 
AT#BND=1 sets the modem to NA:

So, any news on this front? -- I had to ask.

Secondarily, on the alternate hardware front, has anyone thought of 
using a Nokia N810 with a telit GM862 and the USB eval board from 
( - 
yeah, it would be a $600 package by the time you were done and it would 
probably require a custom case or duct tape and a minature mule to carry 
it. but it seems like it would work. (why oh why didn't nokia include a 
gsm modem???? they certainly know how to...)

thoughts or flames are welcomed.

my favorite solution is still a software switchable (i.e. by AT 
commands) quad-band neo, but I am hedging my bets.

Best Regards,

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