Community update: GSM firmware and GPS driver

Ian Darwin ian at
Tue Nov 13 22:10:07 CET 2007

In other words, pretty much nothing (except for your *very* generous 
offer to update phones in person, for which thanks!!).

This is not an occasion for us all to vent frustration at Sean, Mike, et 
al. However it is a very good occasion to restate something: everyone,
at all times, involved in open source projects: Never, ever settle on a 
chip or chipset that requires NDA, or that doesn't provide freely 
available (as in, click to download a PDF with *no registration 
required*), complete specs that a developer would need to build an open 
source driver.

Anything less will lead to this sort of frustration, over and over again.

Michael, thanks for the update, and good luck getting those calls 
returned. I'm sure the company won't use any proprietary chips in future 


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