Android isn't a Java Platform - Say Hello to Dalvik

Doug Sutherland doug at
Wed Nov 14 00:47:12 CET 2007

On a related note, the J2ME from Sun is now open source

"The project scope includes a focus on the mainstream feature 
phone segment with phoneME Feature software, and the emerging 
advanced phone segment with phoneME Advanced software."

Regarding Android and Sun licensing, interestingly Ed Zander 
who used to run Sun Microsytstems (COO/President) now 
runs Motorola (CEO), and has said moto wants to be part of 
Android. If there was any kind of licensing problem he would 
probably know.

Another interesting thing is that Java runs on many many 
phones already. Probably most are not set up to allow 
development, but from what I've seen doing tech support
it seems most phones run Java. Another interesting thing 
is how prevalent ARM is used on phones. I believe ARM
actually owns this market for processors. If you have any
recent phone, most likely it's ARM inside.

  -- Doug 

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