Gphone isn't open, linux dev not possible

Bill Cox bill at
Wed Nov 14 03:14:54 CET 2007

Hi, guys.

Currently, Android sucks big time, IMO.  Google has no announced plans
for allowing developers to write any C/C++ applications.  All you get is
their non-standard Java.  I think this basically makes it just like all
the other stupid "smart" phones.  There's tons of stuff we could port to
OpenMoko, but unless you're a "alliance member", you can't do much
porting.  Give me a freaking break.  According to Google:

The SDK so far permits development only of software that runs on the
Java foundation, not natively on the hardware itself. "We are aware of
the interest in native application development, but we having nothing to
comment on right now," Horowitz said.


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