security, packaging, compatibility

Joseph Reeves iknowjoseph at
Thu Nov 15 11:24:52 CET 2007

As far as security goes, maybe the best option would be to go for
something like the OLPC's Bitfrost system.

There are obvious comparisons between the OLPC and the OpenMoko
platform; both are low power devices that are used outside, containing
data that you wouldn't want lost. in both cases security has to be
unobtrusive, but work. I don't want to be typing passwords into my
OpenMoko, for example, and I'll have trouble warming to the platform
if that's the case.

There are some big differences between the OLPC and the OpenMoko, of
course; there will be no "school server" for the OpenMoko, nor any
guaranteed backup elsewhere, but the bitfrost model could be adapted
to suit.

Any thoughts? My desk at work is often cluttered with an OLPC XO
laptop and a Neo1973 - joining he best bits of them seem like a good
idea to me!


> security: I read android will confine each application by both using java
> sandbox security, but also by having an extra user for each application
> so that application is confined to it's home dir, memory, process space
> etc. and cannot interfere with other applications. openmoko so far does
> run everything as root? I would like to use my moko as a security device
> where I store rsa keys, do all the crypto (never reveal the raw rsa keys)
> etc. and this will require very high level of security - including
> protecting my high security app from all other application (e.g. games).
> are there any plans in this direction?

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