Neo1973/OpenMoko as a laptop replacement

Erland Lewin erland at
Thu Nov 15 23:11:22 CET 2007

Please let me bounce an idea off the list...

Given that the Neo1973 has similar processing power and screen
resolution to what desktop machines had not too long ago, I think it
would be cool if the user interface had a 'mode' where the Neo could
work as a laptop replacement.

I imagine a kit the size of a regular book for the Neo containing a
fresnel lens with a frame for attaching to the phone, a foldable
keyboard, a small mouse, and a battery pack loadable with, say, 2
regular 'C' size batteries. The keyboard and mouse could be either
Bluetooth for wireless convenience or USB for use on airplanes. The kit
could be carried separately from the phone when you anticipate wanting
but not having access to a computer.

The fresnel lens would be mounted about 10-20cm in front of the Neo (in
landscape orientation), and magnify the 2.8" 283 DPI screen to, say, an
8.5" 94 dpi or an 11.3" 71 dpi screen image. This would suit the Neo's
high DPI screen well.

The battery pack would allow the Neo to run for six times longer than
the built in battery, so it would last for the longest flights.

The Neo could run both as an X server thin client for 'heavy'
applications run on a server over WiFi (or VNC), and host some local
applications (simple office suite, games, development tools?...) for
offline work. This 'mode' would have a regular full screen desktop look
and feel with a lightweight window manager (e17, rasterman?).

When you're done you disconnect the Neo and pack up your 'kit' in a
small bag or case and return the Neo to your pocket or wherever you keep
your phone.

Sure, it wouldn't be as nice as having a separate laptop, but
considering weight, size and price still an attractive compromise in
some situations.

This would take the Neo to where no phone has gone before, and show off
the power of a 'real', desktop OS under the shell.


(I don't have a Neo (waiting for the GTA02), so I can't try it. But I
tested a fresnel lens with my Sony Ericsson P910, and I think it could

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