GTK vs QTopia vs Android - (was: Re: Android needs applications) (will be: new vision for openmoko)

Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Fri Nov 16 17:49:28 CET 2007

Wiadomość napisana w dniu Nov 16, 2007, o godz 4:42 PM, przez Enno  
Gottox Boland:

> -.- ok another flamewar... lets participate.
>> Hi! Actualy those are not operating systems. Operating system is for
>> example Linux. It is used for OpenMoko and Qtopia (I'm not sure for
>> Android but I think also).
> Don't feed the troll... ... ... ... Oh, I really have to!
> Linux is a kernel. GTK/Qt/etc is the GUI. You can call e.g. Angstrom
> the Operating system, but also it is the Distribution. It is not clear
> what should be called OS in this environment, but for sure Linux is
> NOT an OS.

Hmm, others think different. Check out wikipedia: 
  (first sentence):

"Linux (pronunciation: IPA: /ˈlɪnʊks/, lin-uks) is a Unix-like  
computer operating system."

Also: "An operating  
system (OS) is the software that manages the sharing of the resources  
of a computer and provides programmers with an interface used to  
access those resources." So "kernel" matches this definition perfectly.


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