Gphone isn't open, linux dev not possible

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sat Nov 17 10:07:30 CET 2007

>> I do hope and expect android to be open. That said, lets be clear  
>> "not
>> open" != evil.
> You got that backwards, buddy. "Not open" -> evil holds to a much  
> larger
> extent than the inversion (for you information, that would be  
> "open" ->
> not evil).

You know whats even more evil than "open" or "not open"?

The answer: Vapor.

Lets stop talking about Android until someone actually has it running  
and doing something, okay?  Because as of today its just a press  
release and a couple fancy net-generation videos and little else.   
Try to stay focused on the hardware in front of you, and in this  
group as of today, that is the neo1973, running OpenMoko.  Which,  
btw, has some very lovely totally open 100% free API's for all  
productive developers to be exploiting ..

Jay Vaughan

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