Gphone isn't open, linux dev not possible

Andy Powell andy at
Sat Nov 17 10:09:34 CET 2007

On Friday 16 November 2007 12:29, hank williams wrote:
> On Nov 14, 2007 2:55 PM, William Voorhees <will.voorhees at> wrote:
> > I wouldn't say I'm not concerned, but I'm hopeful. In one of the
> > video's Sergy Brin says that it will be "entirely open". I hope that
> > google's Do No Evil slogan takes hold.
> >
> > -Will
> I do hope and expect android to be open. That said, lets be clear "not
> open" != evil.

Except in this case where Google have repeatedly claimed that Android is 
Opensource ie:

 !open != evil

 !really-open-when-you-said-it-was == evil

Quite frankly Google can take their $10 Million bribe and ... well you can 
probably guess where I'm going to suggest they put it.

Andy / ScaredyCat

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