Neo1973/OpenMoko as a laptop replacement

"Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik" ruskie at
Sat Nov 17 10:11:54 CET 2007

On 09:56:25 2007-11-17 Jay Vaughan <jayv at> wrote:
> > I really like your idea. I also think that GTA02 will have enough  
> > power for a small notebook-replacement for a bit hacking, writing  
> > or something like this.

Here's my 0.02 euro-cents...

Why not a laptop chassis with a tft in and an extra battery pack integrated
and  keyboard(combo usb/bt/wireless)(hell even a mouse of some sorts) and
then just have a plugin slot for the neo to hook in(of course this would
require a bit of hardware addon to the neo(a vga/dvi/other) port but it
could work out nicely...

And have both displays be able to work at the same time(randr1.2) so that
one could for example have a logitech g15 like display on the small screen
of the neo and full vm on the tft...

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