FM radio reception on neo/openmoko and some other questions

Joshua Layne joshua at
Sun Nov 18 20:52:28 CET 2007

somehow I missed this entirely (although I know I read it)
I apologize for jumping threads and starting a new topic - it wasn't 
even a week ago....
Doug Sutherland wrote:
> Georg wrote:
>  > no only in terms of speakerphone, also the navigational software (as far
>> as there'll be one) may be connected through it.. There are a lot of
>> possible ways to use that extension and I personally think that it's a
>> very useful additional feature .
> Speaking of navigation, this is interesting, Locosys makes something
> called Traffic Message Channel (TMC) using the Silicon Labs
> SI4701 FM tuner RDS feature to gather real-time traffic and
> weather information. They use an 8051 microcontroller to read
> the RDS data from SI4701 and convert it into NMEA sentence
> format, which is of course, also a format used by GPS receivers.
> So, if you have onboard GPS, and bolt-on FM tuner with RDS,
> and some processing, you could do something similar. The NMEA
> part presumably is just to make it somewhat standard, is useful
> data on its own, but this is quite interesting.
> I'm going to design just a very simple breakout board for the
> SI4701 to start playing around with it, this RDS stuff is very
> interesting. Later will make another board with SI4701 and
> small microcontroller plus audio codec. Microcontroller
> will read the RDS and also control/configure the FM tuner.
> Analog audio output would work alone but could also input
> into Neo or other application. Currently in the middle of
> switching jobs and residence though, so it may be a short
> while before I get any boards made.
>   -- Doug
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