Gphone isn't open, linux dev not possible

Doug Sutherland doug at
Mon Nov 19 00:38:55 CET 2007

" The idea is that cellphone manufacturers will be able to use the 
standard, open (and Linux-based) Android platform for free, to 
power their future cellphones (the first ones will be out in the 
second half of next year). And, as you might imagine, the new 
Google-provided mobile OS will have deep hooks into Google 
applications like search, maps, documents, RSS readers and, 
yes, ads. Ads that will know where you are and can serve geo-
specific messages thanks to the GPS chips coming to almost all 
smartphones in the near future."

"So, let's pull this altogether. OpenSocial was about Google 
maintaining ad dominance in the face of a threat by Facebook/
Microsoft. Android and the Open Handset Alliance is about 
Google not only owning the mobile ad space, but becoming the 
Microsoft of the next two decades. It wants to own the mobile 
operating system space the way Microsoft owns the desktop 

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