Use Neo w/out removing from pocket (was: Neo1973/OpenMoko as a laptop replacement)

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Nov 19 19:35:43 CET 2007

AVee wrote:
> On Saturday 17 November 2007 21:09, Joshua Layne wrote:
>> Ted Lemon wrote:
>>> On Sat, 2007-11-17 at 11:19 -0800, Michael Shiloh wrote:
>>>> I'd like to explore adding a head mounted display to the Neo, like the
>>>> i-glasses PC/SVGA Head Mounted Display at about $700. Would require
>>>> an
>>>> off-board SVGA controller, which could be prototyped with a USB SVGA
>>>> controller, assuming Linux drivers can be found.

New thread since I realized that I was guilty of hijacking the laptop 
replacement thread.

My suggestion regarding a head mounted display was so that the Neo could 
   be used without taking removal from pocket, sort of the video display 
equivalent of the bluetooth headset. Ultimately, I'm sure we will have 
bluetooth head mounted displays, but we can prototype this right now 
with USB and start experimenting. What sort of applications make sense 
this way? What sort of new applications does this allow?

I'm well aware that the input side of things is not addressed yet, but I 
think we can explore the video side without having to wait for a 
solution on the input side. It will come soon enough, I'm sure. 
Especially once we start showing what we can do on the output side.


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