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Mon Nov 19 20:48:46 CET 2007

OCCAM'S RAZR - One ought not to multiply entities without necessity.


Why does the world need yet another mobile Linux knitting circle?  Just
because you can buy a domain name doesn't mean you should mint new .orgs.


Let's all fight fragmentation with more fragmentation.  It's the free
software way.


Bill W.

John Smith wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I hope that this is not illegal to post a link for a new community forum
> to this list.
> Today I startet a new forum for linux mobile phones and related content.
> Why? Because I'm very intrestet in this stuff and hope that I can share
> my interest with other people.
> So, I'm sorry but I'm not a native englisch speaker.
> It would be a pleasure if someone is interestet in this.
> Cu,
> John
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