Use Neo w/out removing from pocket

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Mon Nov 19 22:39:37 CET 2007


> Seems unlikely bluetooth will ever be used for video.  Insufficient
> bandwidth.

there is a spec for this and there is industry interest for some
specialized uses. I've seen a product advertised that allows you to
send video from a phone to a box that plugs into the tv to show off
phone-captured vids.

> Ultra wideband, on the other hand, should work fine.  High bandwidth,
> low power, but short range.

fwiw, the bluetooth sig is working toward incorporating UWB as another
lower layer in bluetooth.

the first time I saw a heatsink on a usb dongle was on a WUSB adapter.
I don't think we need another way to drain power on neo :)


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