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thomas.cooksey at thomas.cooksey at
Mon Nov 19 23:00:39 CET 2007

>Why does the world need yet another mobile Linux knitting circle?  Just
>because you can buy a domain name doesn't mean you should mint new .orgs.

It doesn't. There are SO MANY wikis, blogs, news groups, websites, forums etc. set up around android. Why? MONEY! Most of the sites I've seen have banner adds and are raking in advertising money for the person who set them up. Those which don't have ads yet are only waiting till the user base grows enough to make advertising worth while. The people who set them up seem to know next to nothing. There are 5 different official android groups, which is plenty. If you want general mobile linux info, has been around since the dawn of time and in its various forms has been around for almost as long. Sorry John, your about 5 years too late.

PS: Sorry for the pointless & (hopefully) out-of-character emotional response. It's been an annoying day.

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