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Danijel Orsolic libervis at
Mon Nov 19 23:10:20 CET 2007

It's interesting to see a second (if not more?) forum about open mobiles
started after I started hoping to ride the "new wave"
and help spread it too.

But here's the thing. There's no wave to ride. is a
failed project and while this partly IS because my attention and
enthusiasm shifted to my other web projects, the fact remains that open
mobile buzz simply didn't happen the way some of us hoped. Where are all
the users that such forums would serve, exactly? Developers? Hackers?
No, we're looking for real mainstream users. Oh they don't exist.

This may seem harsh, but so far OpenMoko has failed to animate the
industry, but I don't need to add insult to injury cause it is already
apparent that the deadline for the first mainstream release of Neo1973
was missed.

So good luck to you John with your forum, but I think we'll have to wait
a while before riding and serving the expansion of this next big thing.
Web sites with no visitors and people to serve aren't of much value.

That said I think that everything OpenMoko has done really does have
tremendous value. It has laid down a foundation to build on and the
actual mainstream ready phone may yet be released. Better late than
ever. It may be hard to compete with Google and Apple, but in a Free
Software world we have some special advantages. There's not telling when
something's dead or alive. Today it may not seem like much, tomorrow
it's taking over the world. Just think of the resurrection we know today
as Mozilla.

But... the time hasn't come.. yet.


John Smith wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I hope that this is not illegal to post a link for a new community
> forum to this list.
> Today I startet a new forum for linux mobile phones and related content.
> Why? Because I'm very intrestet in this stuff and hope that I can
> share my interest with other people.
> So, I'm sorry but I'm not a native englisch speaker.
> It would be a pleasure if someone is interestet in this.
> Cu,
> John
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