/. : Feds Have Access To Cellphone Tracking On Request

AVee openmoko-comunity at avee.org
Mon Nov 26 13:26:06 CET 2007

On Monday 26 November 2007 03:36, Piotr Duda wrote:
> Ian Darwin pisze:
> [...]
> > And you can power off any cell phone, [...]
> This could not be enough. At the beginning of this list there was some
> discussion about a case where feds recorded chats of some mafia guy with
> his own car's mobile, which was turned off. IIRC that was possible because
> they remotely changed his phone firmware in the first place...

True, stuff like that is possible, at least with some phones. But removing the 
battery is still a very effective way to make sure your phone is really shut, 
by the time they find a way to make 'm work without electicity you will hear 
about it.


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