November 26, 2007 Community Update

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Nov 26 20:41:54 CET 2007

Hi Community,

Some updates:

GSM Firmware fix for 3G AT&T users:

Background: Until we figure out a way to let customers update their GSM 
firmware, I was offering to do it.

Status: Unfortunately, I've not been able to connect reliably with the 
GSM hardware debug serial port. I'm working on this with the crew in 
Taiwan. GSM firmware upgrade is pretty much done by one person at one 
computer setup, so I suspect there is something different between his 
setup and mine that we have not yet identified.

Update: Sean has been able to make progress with the legal process that 
would allow you to upgrade your own GSM firmware. While this isn't 
finalized yet it's getting closer. I would imagine that with more of us 
trying to establish the serial connection we would quickly figure out 
how to do it reliably.

GPS driver:

Background: Release of gllin driver pending legal approval of wording of 

Status: Good progress, but no resolution yet. We are moving closer.

850MHz version of GTA02:

Background: Since GTA02 is a triband handset, we need a version that 
will work in North America and other areas that use 850MHz instead of 
900MHz. While the modifications are fairly straightforward, they involve 
  different components, firmware, and calibration. We are looking into 
whether we can do this.

Status: I have not received any further news on this yet.

Update: I will continue to keep the pressure on.


Background: Awaiting sufficiently working Wifi driver to confirm that 
the Wifi module hardware is working properly

Status: See Wifi status


Status: Made excellent progress last week, still more to be done...

As usual, questions, comments, and corrections are welcome.


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