new Qtopia image

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Tue Nov 27 09:33:38 CET 2007

I just uploaded a new Qtopia snapshot image to the downloads section of This introduces the new Cruxus mediaengine, which has a few 
plugins already, which include libmad, tremor (ogg) and timidity, for 
.wav, .mp3, ogg and .mid file support.

If you want to compile this yourself, you will need a Qtopia 4.3.1 
snapshot from today or tomorrow (depending on when the snapshot gets 
uploaded to Oslo) edit the devices/ficgta01/configure file and change 
the line:
-eval 'if ( &$helix_visref() ) { opt("qtopiamedia") = 1; 
opt("mediaengines") = "helix"; }'
-qtopiamedia -mediaengines cruxus.

I suggest using this mediaengine for Qtopia instead of gstreamer, as it 
works, and is GPL'd. You can, of course, compile the Helix backend for 
yourself, which also works.

Feedback is welcome.

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