SIM card read/write [was Re: SIM Card Copy]

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at
Tue Nov 27 14:28:34 CET 2007

Chris Hessing wrote, on 27/11/07 05:14:

> I have done a little bit of work with SIM cards in Linux.  You should 
> check out the PCSC project.  It isn't the easiest thing to get running, 
> but it can read and write data to/from SIM cards. (Assuming you have a 
> reader it supports.  I have a Towitoko Chipdrive, and a Cardman 6020 
> that it works with.  I have also gotten in to work with the SIM card 
> slots on the Dell D620 notebook.)  I have used these libraries to 
> implement EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA functionality in XSupplicant.

I found:

but the links to products that specifically mentioned SIM cards seemed 
to be dead )-:.

>> There are also cheap USB SIM readers, and I got the impression that
>> they could write to the card as well.  So I got one on ebay.  The
>> software that came with it (only for Windows) could only read the
>> card.  I wish there was a Linux alternative, especially one that can
>> also write the contacts to the SIM.  (But since the Neo itself could
>> do that, I guess it's no longer necessary.)

There is a product called SIM Manager from that 
is MS-Windows only, but having bought one at a run-out sale for AUD$2 it 
does read and write the phone contacts list fine under Win98SE.

Struggling to get back on topic, a USB SIM card reader/writer that works 
under GNU/Linux with free specifications and drivers would be a great 
complement to the NEO 1973 and successors. Would FIC be in a position to 
make available such a product?


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