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Kai Winter kaiwinter at
Tue Nov 27 16:56:35 CET 2007

Very good... The SIM card seems to be recognized on every start and 
phone calls also work ;)
But still I can't create a working GPRS connection. Is this a general 
problem or am I doing something wrong?

Lorn Potter schrieb:
> I just uploaded a new Qtopia snapshot image to the downloads section 
> of This introduces the new Cruxus mediaengine, which has a 
> few plugins already, which include libmad, tremor (ogg) and timidity, 
> for .wav, .mp3, ogg and .mid file support.
> If you want to compile this yourself, you will need a Qtopia 4.3.1 
> snapshot from today or tomorrow (depending on when the snapshot gets 
> uploaded to Oslo) edit the devices/ficgta01/configure file and change 
> the line:
> -eval 'if ( &$helix_visref() ) { opt("qtopiamedia") = 1; 
> opt("mediaengines") = "helix"; }'
> to
> -qtopiamedia -mediaengines cruxus.
> I suggest using this mediaengine for Qtopia instead of gstreamer, as 
> it works, and is GPL'd. You can, of course, compile the Helix backend 
> for yourself, which also works.
> Feedback is welcome.
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