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Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Wed Nov 28 09:20:43 CET 2007

Wiadomość napisana w dniu Nov 28, 2007, o godz 6:50 AM, przez Lorn  

> Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:
>> - How to turn off predictive keyboard? I want to use this keyboard  
>> (it is very nice to use with fingers) but I do not want to use  
>> english words...
> When in some edit field there is a downarrow icon to the left of the  
> battery status icon, you can use to switch input methods. I believe  
> predictive keyboard is scheduled to use other (languages)  
> dictionaries, but I am not sure.
> The sources are open, so anyone with enough interest could make it  
> that way.

Thx, for answer! I know how to switch keyboards but choices are (I  
can't check it now): english predictive usable with fingers, 2 x some  
qwerty keyboard but only usable with stylus and phone keys. I'd like  
to use the one compatible with fingers but I want to turn off spell  
checking. As for previous release I could not do that ;(

Now I can't check because my neo has discharged completly and I have  
to wait couple hours to recharge it.

As for words for predictive keyboard I try to generate neccessary  
words file (in dawg format) but now I have some problems while  
compiling qdawggen...

>> - How can I use Sync Agent for qtopia 4.3? I couldn't find any pre- 
>> compiled version (source either). It would be perfect that I could  
>> find version for MacOS X.
> I think Qtopia Sync Agent will only sync with Outlook. The docs are  
> sparse and I have submitted a bug report about it.

That looks like one step back comparing to old Desktop Manager (if I  
recall this sync application name corretly) - i worked on Linux, Mac  
and Windows. You also provided pre-compiled binaries on your page. Now  
I can't find anything useful about syncing contacts in Qtopia.



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