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Wed Nov 28 18:22:14 CET 2007

Having a feature like this is not going to create a higher incidence of SIM
theft, the technology is already out there (there are even software programs
that can steel much of your key info out of the air), knowing that, you
should just watch where you put your phone and keep tabs on your cellphone
account, if you see unusual activity freeze your data services. I think this
would be a great feature to have if it were not illegal, this is debatable
of course, but OpenMoko might not want to get into such a situation. I think
a SIM copy for contacts should be included. As far as multi SIM calling
support, how about a dual SIM slot with one inside (your home one) and a
slot you can access from the outside, like a SD slot, for changing SIM you
use in other areas.


>Another 'nice' addition to this would be a application which generates
>SIM cards, until you find one which actually connect to the network. I
>pulls off the SIM copy functionality someone else will do this and one day
>they may hit your SIM. Leaving your phone out of sight for a few minutes
>put you at risk of having your SIM card cloned, and you won't know until
>to late. And using your SIM for criminal activities sure beats an anonymous
>prepaid card.
>I'm all for functions to copy phonebook data and other stuff like that,
>actually i'd consider that basic functionality for any GSM phone, but
>the authentication part of a SIM card is a can of worms I'd rather keep
>tightly closed.
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