OpenMoko OE repository

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Thu Nov 29 10:10:48 CET 2007

By the way, this:

"Once every couple of days, the operator pulls a seperate database  
(i.e. _not_ on this server, but some private experimental build  
machine) from (let's say to revision X) and  
tries to build the OpenMoko distribution. If that fails, she/he will  
investigate the breakage and report to [[1]]. If the build completes,  
she/he will flash the resulting openmoko-image and go through a  
series of tests. If all tests can be completed successfully, the  
operator will update to revision X as well"

Is Great News!  Speaking as one who has struggled in the last few  
months to keep a stable OpenMoko development environment, and also as  
one who has complained about it rather a bit loudly at times, I'd  
just like to say: THANK YOU!!

Also, in the last few weeks things have really stabilized with the  
toolchain for openmoko, and I for one am enjoying the fruits that  
this wonderful tree provides .. hacking away on new apps fro openmoko  
is indeed a joy and privilege!

Jay Vaughan

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