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Thu Nov 29 13:15:43 CET 2007

AFAIK, the duplicate SIM cards are not equivalent cards. They have different 
IMSI and different Ki code. Only the network's configuration bind them to 
the same phone number. Theoretically you could have a dozen of them, but 
usually only one is allowed to receive the calls.
This should clarify the questions regarding chances of hacking the Ki code 
by obtaining multiple cards to have more chances before lockout. (Those 
limits are so low on som SIMs, that they died after 2-3 years in hands some 
of daily traveling business mans:-) ) It also explains that the operator 
will always be able to trace every single SIM card by IMSI, if they want. 
So, don't be too happy with second SIM cards. They really help you only when 
you have a second outdoor phone and don't like to swap the SIM every time 
you go to mountains..

>SIM cards are smartcards. They can not be copied by design!
>The only way to duplicate a SIM is to hack it. No idea if and how far that 
>is possible. But it is certainly not legal.
>Ask your provider for a duplicate SIM. Many providers will give you 
>multiple identical SIM if you need them. (At least here in germany)
>Cailan Halliday wrote:
>>I just had an idea that I got from a couple of devices, how about a 
>>virtual SIM card? Is it possible to make an ISO of a SIM card and store it 
>>in the Neo to be, for lack of a better word, booted from? I've seen 
>>devices like these:
>>  This could replace the idea of having multiple SIM card slots, this way 
>>you can have multiple carriers on your phone without the need for more 
>>  -Cailan
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