Michael Shiloh interview on The Linux Link Tech Show

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Thu Nov 29 20:04:05 CET 2007

Ben Burdette wrote:
> Patrick Davila wrote:
>> Michael was gracious enough to come on our show and talk about the great
>> work you guys are doing:
>> http://www.tllts.org/audio/tllts_221-11-28-07.ogg
>> http://www.tllts.org/audio/tllts_221-11-28-07.mp3
>> Enjoy
> I was relieved to hear that 850 mhz seems to be a sure thing - according 
> to the interview there will be two versions of the phone, one for the US 
> (or other 850mhz countries) and one for the rest of the world.  I assume 
> the US version will be delayed compared to the 900mhz version, but still 
> great its news.

Hi Ben,

That we're looking into it is a sure thing. That we'll succeed is not, 
although it's likely. We can't guarantee anything until we test it, 
purchase the different components, resolve any certification issues, etc.


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