need someone to develop this....

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Thu Nov 29 20:15:06 CET 2007

>> feedback for controlling a live music sequencer while on stage in
>> front of 10's of thousands of people ..
> original sloshing indicator added to the wiki wish list. Jay, would
> you care to elaborate on your idea, sounds interesting?

well .. consider the openmoko/neo1973 device more of a re- 
configurable user interface 'pad', than a cell phone.

a poor (but wise) mans optimus maximus .. sort of a 'mini one' with a  
cell phone in it, so its .. you know .. actually useful as a user  
interface device.

its all about how it feels, and what it does when you touch it.  if i  
could, i'd use the neo instead of my logitech mouse.

now, on stage, if its in my pocket, i'd love to be able to shake it  
when it buzzes, and hold it still when it shrills, and if only for a  
few lines of code, there would be music.  or not

Jay Vaughan

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